MOUSE - Keyboard, Guitar and Vocals

Mouse has been playing music since he was about eight years old. Started out playing drums, the same instrument his dad played. Then picked up the squeeze box and learned how to play that, then went on to keyboards and then guitar. Mouse started playing out when he was sixteen years old. He played in numerous wedding bands thru the years and then went into Rock Ñ Roll with the band The “Fender Benders”, then onto Mouse & the “Fat Cats” and is now with Tangle Foot doing classic rock dance music.

JERRY AKA THE ROCK- Drums and Vocals

Jerry started his love for rock n roll at a young age. Raised just outside of Detroit, he grew up listening to all the great Motown groups. Big part of music scene was Bob Seger and Ted Nugent. Jerry got his first drum kit at 10 and fell for AC/DC tunes. At 18 he found his way to Wisconsin and had his drum kit stolen out of a storage unit. After a brief 25 years away from playing drums, a comeback was in order. Danglin Fury and Limited Filth are some bands played in before joining Tangle Foot.


Dave’s been holding bands down (at the bottom of the musical scale, that is) for the better part of the last decade in the SE Wisconsin music scene, playing anything and everything from oldies and classic country (Memphis Connection) to classic rock (Vinyl Road) to contemporary country (Wild Card) and pop (Shut The Front Door). Dave first picked up a bass while in college but soon put it away as job and family became the priority. A self-taught musician, Dave started playing again in 2007 and has been playing ever since. A huge Beatles fan, Dave’s largest musical influence is the melodic bass stylings of Paul McCartney.

SHREDD - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Started drum lessons the summer before being a freshman in high school. Two years later he found his true calling of playing guitar. He always has been inspired by hearing guitar players make the strings come alive. Influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steve Via. Spending many hours on the strings to become the player he is today. He has learned his way around the fret board. He loves to play for the people and loves to feed off the people having a good time. Past bands include Infinity, Identity Crisis, Redlined, Package Deal and Men in Black. Shredd is pleased to say he is surrounded by great people and fantastic musicians in Tangle Foot. He can go into the lead guitar in a song with out a thought behind him. He know the boys are going to be right there backing him.